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Pulses, for healthy people and a healthy planet

Pulses whole (peas, beans and lupins), flours, precooked, vegetable proteins (lupin protein, pea protein, sesame protein, rice protein), food fibres from pea and lupin and meat replacers. You are at the right address at MFH-Pulses for advice (on processing, application or development) or purchase of all mentioned products.

Pulses - such as peas, beans, lentils and lupins - are healthy and nutritious

These are excellent protein sources with plenty of fiber and very little fat. Consumption of pulses is good for your health and has positive effect on your intestines and can help to beat overweight and obesitas.

New applications - such as lupin flour in meat substitutes, lentil flour in HEALTHY CHIPS, pea protein in PROTEIN-RICH SPORTS PASTAS, as EMULSIFIER in SAUCES and pre-cooked and dried-back pulses that can be applied INSTANTLY – make pulses hip and trendy. Because they can very well replace animal protein and bind nitrogen (so no fertilizer is needed), higher consumption strongly contributes to sustainability.
Pulses can be grown all over the world, therefore they are fit for local use in FEED en FOOD.

Pulses, People, Planet

A higher consumption of pulses is good for people and planet.
MFH pulses stimulates this with knowledge transfer and by practical action. See also our vision.