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Mariët van NoortMFH stands for: Mariët Food Holland. Owner Mariët van de Noort grew up on a crops farm – between the beans and peas. At her fathers’ fields she saw the plants grow and growing up she learned about cultivation, harvest and sales. She studied food science at the Wageningen University.

From on ‘98 to the present, she has been active in the pulses industry, with a wide variety of companies in various functions and roles, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
Working for many years as an expert in the relatively unknown field of vegetable proteins (excluding soy) has provided Mariët with a vast experience and a huge network of producers, processors, of universities and research institutes to industrial end users.

Since 2002, Mariët is established as freelance food technologist, as an acting expert in: pulses and their extracts; vegetable protein, food fiber and meat substitures.
About these products and ingredients Mariët can tell you all about the cultivation, processing, use, functionality, market knowledge, purchase and sales.


> Satisfied clients