MFH Pulses

Vision MFH pulses

Pulses, People, Planet

Legumes are the food for the future. This important source of protein can provide a solution for different current global problems:
•   obesity
•   the explosive rising demand for animal proteins.
By the sharp increasing consumption of meat, the demand for vegetable proteins increases even more (for 1 kg of meat protein, 3-10 kg vegetable protein is needed).
In order to keep feeding the world’s population it is important to directly consume vegetable proteins (without turning them into meat or fish first). The consumption of pulses – a globally available vegetable source of protein that can be sustainable grown very easily – can be stimulated by research and promotion.

Furthermore it is important that companies, institutes and universities work together MFH pulses brings companies and institutes together and stimulates cooperation and exchange of information in the belief that this is to the benefit of everyone.

In short: sustainable production and sustainable relationships.

MFH pulses contributes with her specialist knowledge of pulses to a better food distribution, sustainability and public health. Worldwide.