Pulses, People, Planet

There are many arguments to be made for a higher consumption of pulses/ plant protein and less meat.

  • Sustainability, food security and animal welfare
  • Direct human consumption of plant protein saves animals, reduces ammonia emissions and agricultural acreage.
  • Many more people worldwide can be fed with plant protein than with animal protein. In this way, the earth will be able to feed everyone by 2050, even with the projected population growth.
  • Pulses provide us with important dietary fibre and proteins.
  • Fibre rich and low fat pulses contribute to a healthy diet, and helps fight type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Missie Boom

Our mission

A higher consumption of pulses is good for people and the planet. Through its specialist knowledge of pulses MFH-Pulses would like to contribute globally to a fairer food distribution, sustainability and public health.